Understanding the HR Hiring Mind-set in the New Reality

Understanding the HR Hiring Mind-set in the New Reality

About The Course

The course outlines the human resource hiring mindset in the new reality and the skills that are sought after. Understanding this key mindset points to a more equipped, open-minded, and positive thinking job seeker who is able to recognize the fundamental difference in reality between what it was before the COVID 19 and what it is like in the new reality.
In the new reality, technology plays an important role in the working world, thus skills such as multitasking, IT proficiency, and agile are greatly desired by employers. In the new era, employees should understand the immense value of these skills and strive to gain them.

Course Objective

What are the Course Features?

2 Days Program

EIS Claimable - The Training Fee is Part of EIS Benefits

HRDF Claimable under SBL Khas

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