Pre-retrenchment Services

In this era of Covid-19, it isn’t uncommon to hear of whole enterprises raising the white flag, or entire sectors in Malaysia collapsing due to the pandemic caused economic recession. With all this happening, it isn’t a surprise that the number of retrenched individuals these past two years have risen exponentially, which understandably have caused some distress in the Malaysian working class.

When conducting our consultancy services, we make sure to practice Employees Redundancy Principle of “Last in, First Out” (LIFO), Retrenchment Benefits, Statutory Forms, and Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS).

Employees’ redundancy

Principle of “Last In, First Out” (LIFO)

Retrenchment benefits

Voluntary separation scheme (VSS)

Post-retrenchment Services

We from Job Assist Malaysia acknowledge that poorly executed retrenchments will leave some retrenched individuals unaware of their legal rights as retrenched individuals. This is an alarming issue that must be addressed because this may impair the retrenched individual’s livelihood.

Because of this, we recognize the importance of providing support to retrenched individuals as well as guiding them to claim their rights as retrenched individuals such as governmental monetary aid, free training etc.

The aim of our support service is:

To achieve the intended goals, we provide:

A FREE talk on how to be prepared for retrenchment

A complimentary support group for retrenched individuals

Domestic Inquiry Services

Domestic inquiry can be a daunting task, especially if the employer wishes to be as thorough as possible. Furthermore, because the panel of the domestic inquiry should be technically impartial, there is a possibility that they will rule on the employee’s innocence.

In such circumstances, the company would have a difficult time justifying termination if its own internal investigation found the employee not guilty of the claims. To alleviate the burden of domestic inquiry, we provide comprehensive services for the pre, during, and post-inquiry phases, these include: