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Make the Job Matching Easy - Now!

We expand the opportunity of job matching by promoting free jobseeker database direct to Hiring and Recruitment Personnel, Human Resource Department among industries in Malaysia. We compile, sort and arrange the resume deposit of jobseekers for quick and easy reference by the Human Resource personnel…

Get Retrenchment Aid Today!

Job Assist Malaysia acknowledges the need to provide aid to retrenched individuals for continuing to live their lives to their fullest potential, as well as encourage these individuals to claim their rights and post-retrenchment benefits…

Shine the Talents is What We Do!

Our training program adds value to the profile and skills set of the retrenched workers to path their way to a future career. Our line program centred on certification courses that are internationally accredited. It helps retrenched individuals to remain relevant in the job market that is heading towards digital transformation. We also offer specific digital skill courses for individuals who aim to become full-time digitally-enabled self-employed person…

Simply the Best Embracing Agile Mindset!

As industry 4.0 takes shape, the business world is becoming increasingly complex, disrupted and uncertain. To survive and grow, organizations and their leaders must deliver more innovative products and services on a more frequent basis. They must learn to embrace change and move quickly. Agility is called for today at every level of business and across every industry…

All You Need is Upskilling and Reskilling Avenue!

We provide a wide range of corporate training program to cope with ever-changing business requirements. It cultivates a better and more professional workforce through offering diverse programs related to business, management, entrepreneurship, language, digital marketing, green technology, and numerous others. …

Socialize Online For Your Job!

Job Assist Online Community forum is an online space created by Job Assist Malaysia, where members, customers, and fans alike can congregate, ask questions, receive peer-to-peer support, discuss interests surrounding job aid and career development at the same time make social connections.


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